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Citrates Compounds

Accessible in free flow fine powder form, Citrates Compounds have extensive applications in food processing, pharmaceutical, water treatment and in other fields. Their sodium based version is utilized as suitable buffering agent for preparing food grade additive required for maintain ph level of edible products. In health care arena, these are required to formulate vitamin and pain relieving medicines. These are also required to lower acid content of urine and to cure uric acid as well as kidney complications. Several forms of Citrates Compounds are recommended to treat nutritional deficiency, to strengthen bones, to improve enzymatic function, to promote sleep quality and to boost energy level of human body. Their industrial grade is used as suitable complexing and buffering factors in electroplating arena.

  • The provided compounds have extensive utilization in medicinal field for their high therapeutic value.
  • These act as suitable buffering factors in food and beverage industry.
  • Available in powder form.
  • Precise formulation.