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Phosphates Compounds

Accessible in different chemical structure based specifications, our range of Phosphates Compounds are basically derivatives of different sorts of acids like phosphoric acid and so on. These have been prepared by combining phosphoric acid and ammonia gas and later the combination has been dried, granulated and screened. Several of these compounds are used to enhance fertility of soil having high ph level and by preventing leaching by releasing nitrogen in soil. Some of these compounds are used to formulate fertilizers by combining with ammonium phosphates and urea for their unique ammonia holding capacity. Known for their non toxic content, these do not form cake for their non hygroscopic nature. Moreover, these do not release dust particles. These Phosphates Compounds have been verified on the basis of their chemical properties, effectiveness and shelf life.

  • The pharmaceutical grade of these compounds is for the growth and repairing of muscles.
  • In food processing arena, these are used as suitable chelating and buffering agents.
  • Available in crystalline and free flow powder form.
  • Long lasting effectiveness.