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Oxalates Compounds

Available in fine powder form with crystalline or free flow nature, our range of Oxalates Compounds has wide applications in blue prints, textile, electroplating, drug formulation and photography arena. These compounds are accessible in white, light green, deep green, light blue and pale yellow colors. Several versions of these compounds tend to transform into oxides when heat is applied on these. Some of these compounds are utilized as suitable catalysts for conducting organic reactions. Several varieties of these compounds easily soluble in water, some are insoluble in water and also there are some compounds that do not dissolve in cold water. Instead, these easily disperse in diluted acid and hot water. The offered array of Oxalates Compounds can be stored for longer period under specific temperature range.

  • These highly pure compounds are used for treating metal impurities.
  • As suitable carrier agents, these are used for effective separation of valuable earth metals.
  • Precise formulation.
  • Accurate ph content.