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Chelated Micronutrient

Our range of Chelated Micronutrient is basically organic chemical substance which is used for improving fertility of soil and to raise productivity of crops and plants. The chelating properties of this array of micronutrient holds beneficial metal ions like iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc and copper and gradually releases these ions into soil to promote their quick absorption by plants. This type of micronutrient has crucial role in improving yielding rate in hydroponics based agriculture. Extensively used to formulate foliar spray and fertilizers for treating iron deficiency of plants, the provided Chelated Micronutrient is preferred over its inorganic based counterpart for its long lasting result and high effectiveness. This chelating product is especially useful for enhancing nutrient absorption capacity of plants under alkaline condition of soil.

  • The chelating factor of this micronutrient promotes easy availability of metal ions to plants.
  • This micronutrient is suitable for improving crop productivity even in alkaline soil condition.
  • Good chemical bonding strength.
  • Precise formulation.