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Cuprous Iodide

Cuprous Iodide
Cuprous Iodide
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Product Code : B005
Product Description

Information on  Cuprous Iodide


Cuprous Iodide is a derivative of Iodine. Cuprous Iodide is soluble in Ammonia & Potassium Solutions. Cuprous Iodide is a off-white coloured powder with a melting point of 606oC. It should be stored in tightly closed containers in a Room Temperature.


Synthesis / Manufacturing Process of Iodides


The major raw material of all the Iodides is Elemental Iodine. Iodine was first discovered in 1811 in France. Iodine is a non-metallic element of Halogen Group of products, having Melting Point 114oC. Iodine is found in Caliche, which is a sedimentary rock, hardened with the deposits of Calcium Carbonate (which is mainly found in Chile) & also in the brine extracted along with the natural gas (especially found in Japan & USA).

Cuprous Iodide is manufactured by treating Copper Sulphate with Hydriodic Acid.


Specifications of Cuprous Iodide


Product Name                                                     : Cuprous Iodide.

Product Code                                                      : B005.

Product Category                                               : Iodides / Iodides.

CAS No.                                                                : 7681-65-4.

HSN No.                                                                : 28276000.

Synonyms                                                            : Copper (I) Iodide.

Molecular Formula                                             : CuI.

Molecular Structure

Molecular Weight                                               : 190.45.

Appearance                                                         : Off-white coloured Powder.

Solubility                                                               : Soluble in Ammonia & Potassium Solutions.

Assay                                                                    : 98.0% Min.

Packing                                                                 : 25 Kg. HDPE Bags / Drums.


Uses / Application of Cuprous Iodide


Cuprous Iodide is used as a catalyst in the synthesis of Organic Fine Chemicals. Cuprous Iodide is also used in Iodized Salts & Animal Feed formulations as a dietary source of Iodine.



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